Top Qualities Of A Top New Jersey Security Company


Security companies in NJ have come and gone, but we have been in the security business for many years. You can rely on our experience and expertise to give you the security you have been looking for.

As we provide top-notch security In New Jersey, both business and security circles have recognized our reputation for excellence, and we are very proud of this fact.

Our security officer has the training required to do a great job. We offer our service 24/7 so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve. Our staff comprises security receptionists, concierges, doormen, corporate-attired and military-style uniformed security officers.

Wide Range of Services

We also offer our services for strike management, liquidations and events. As we are an intelligence consulting firm, we can solve a wide range of intelligence, security and investigative issues related to the legal profession, individuals, and corporations.

Our world-class security consultants will help you deal with compliance, security and privacy issues. We can help you supplement or outsource your existing security at a very low cost.

We will also help you comply with security and privacy laws and policies, protect your intellectual property, revenue and brand, respond quickly to security concerns, and focus resources on the most important aspects of your business.


Our clients include privately and publicly held corporations, condo and co-op boards, government agencies, housing providers, financial institutions, business improvement districts, professional firms, religious institutions, transportation, retailers, manufacturers, event planners, individuals, and warehouse and distribution businesses.

We focus on our clients’ needs to exceed their expectations. Our carefully recruited staff is responsive, professional and reliable.

We work hard to determine our clients’ optimal level of protection understanding their particular situations and designing unique solutions at all times.

Our staff have to pass many types of screening such as credit, criminal, and reference checks as well as drug tests.

High-Quality Service

Our security officers meet the highest level of standard in the field. They need to have at least two years of experience in the security field taking a firearms re-qualification exam every year.

Demonstrating knowledge on legal authority and security officers’ limitations is another requirement of our firm. They have also been trained to use the de-escalation of force, dealing successfully with potential violent situations by using their verbal skills.

High-Level Security

We also offer protection for executives, athletes, celebrities and dignitaries, as our security plans can be tailored to meet every need. Our staff can handle both event-centered security or 24/7 personal protection for our clients.

They will act in a discreet way to ensure your business and personal needs are always addressed. We pick up our security team from law enforcement offices, private security specialists, Department of Corrections and members of the military.

Our preventive approach includes dealing with potential issues at all times avoiding unwanted events. To eliminate surprises, we coordinate the job with managers, local law inforcement, agents, venue officials and promoters.

Our clients get the peace of mind they want by hiring one of our team members, and we will work hard to detect any dangerous situation out there.